You’re Not the Boss of Me!

So… that seems to be the recurring statement directed at many people in my life as of late…  Not that it needs to be stated, but I am a little stubborn and pig-headed at times.

I honestly haven’t written in so long that I can remember well where I left off, so I will work my way through as best I can without repeating myself and/or leaving out anything of too much importance. I know that last time I wrote I was 8 weeks out from my half marathon, which was yesterday… Which I did NOT run.

Before you say, “WHAT?! All that training and you didn’t even RUN!?!” please note, that I do in fact, have a broken foot.

Let me tell you what I believe happened… after my failed race at the White Water Center, I got a bug up my a**…. I amped up my training by 110% in regards to making sure I got my long runs in, cross-training, hills workouts, tempo runs, basically everything I WASN’T doing before that got me 3 miles into a 15k feeling like I was going to pass out.

Then I got injured… Nope. Not the broken foot. I hurt my back and bruised some ribs, completely non-running related. This was definitely a set back, but stubborn lil’ ol’ me didn’t let that stop me from running. I stopped cross-training and was only running. I was getting OK miles in with my coach on the weekends, with Anji a day or two during the week, and a sporadic short run by myself, but I was really struggling to get out the door unless someone was going to meet me.

When my back FINALLY started feeling better, I went at it again, 110% (ok, it might have been more like 210%). And this is when the stress fracture came along.

After a short, quick (for me) 3 mile run around the booty loop with (one of) my new favorite running buddies (BFFSis) I was taking my shoes off to switch to flip flops, when I noticed an odd swelling… My foot/ankle was ENORMOUS! Kinda freaked me out. Went about my business, because yes, it hurt, but I hadn’t rolled my ankle or taken a funny step on the run, it was actually my 2nd fastest booty loop to date… I felt fine, minus a small irritation.

Next morning- hold the phone! That S*** hurts!

Went to work, thinking icing and elevation would make it ALL better… by the end of the day, I had to take myself on a trip to OrthoCarolina Urgent Care… (joined shortly by a very sweet friend who waited the entire 3+ hours with me for the doc visit+xrays+diagnosis). Stress fracture (SF)– 1st and 2nd metatarsals, most likely… back in 2 weeks to re-evaluate. Ridiculous boot dispensed. Bring on the steroids.

Silly me… I didn’t know (that’s a complete and utter lie) that running on said SF would lead to a broken foot.

Midnight run– original intention was to run 9 miles (roughly 3 loops) as that was to be my long run for the weekend.
Post SF- “volunteer only” status
Actual outcome of midnight run- ran 5 loops, totaling 14.25 miles over the course of the 6 hour run… *Gosh, those steroids and red bulls really do a number on a girls’ ability to think straight (yep, blaming it on them… not myself)

Despite numerous attempts from BFFSis (Anji) and ManBFF (Thomas) to get me to stop running- or rather, never start at all- I ran… and I’m not gonna lie- until the last 2 miles, everything felt pretty good. I ran all 12 miles out of the 14 under 11 minutes, which is a huge pace improvement for me… The last two miles were 11:00 and 11:01… Still an improvement.

Holy crap! Broken foot!

And did I learn my lesson? I would like to tell you at this juncture that I indeed stopped running…

But I went out with every intention of running the Paul Ryan Almost Half Marathon as well… with Tom and Anji… I honestly feel like at some point, someone looked at me and said “Stop crying or stop running” But maybe I made that up… I ran one mile, turned around, hobbled back to the start line, and actually volunteered helping out with timing for the race.

And did I learn my lesson? I would like to tell you at this juncture that I indeed stopped running…

But one bad day, I was super overly frustrated and needing an outlet for  said frustration, I went running AGAIN… this time, only one loop around the booty… where I all-to-conveniently ran into— Beacham. Nice. Run into your boss… while running on a broken foot. Smoooooooooth.

All said and done, I figured, “if I can run 14.25 miles on a broken foot, then surely I can still run my half marathon…”

No sirree.  Flash forward, morning of the race… All intentions of running, good night’s sleep, fully prepared in every possible way, save for the broken foot and this ridiculous boot that I am still sporting. Foot throbbing and heart aching, I chatted with BFFSis for a bit and then Coach as well and decided (with some coaxing) that going back to bed was the ideal option for this Saturday. And sleep I did. None to happy about it, but all the better for it. I know that I made the best decision for future races and for my poor little tootsie. I’m sure she’s happy that I didn’t run (yes, I’m referring to my foot as it’s own entity, what of it?)

Lesson learned?

This is me doing one-legged pushups with stupid boot. (That’s is actual given name- Stupid Boot.)

Recovery from an injury isn’t really optional, if you want to get better…
Certified running coach probably knows better than you.
Doctor with xrayish proof, probably should take his advice.
All those running friends who, combined, probably have a 100 years of running experience… probably know a thing or two about recovery…
Maybe don’t increase mileage from 20 to 35 miles after coming back from a back/rib injury.

Who knows… (yes, I KNOW)

What did I actually really truly learn about myself from this?

I love running, almost more than anything I do.
I love running so much that, even when it hurts my heart to sit one out, I’m going to, because I want to run for many many years to come.