This is Why I am Angry

So… if you know me, or spend any amount of time around me on a regular basis, then you probably know that I love to talk… I love to laugh. I love to… Continue reading

You’re Not the Boss of Me!

So… that seems to be the recurring statement directed at many people in my life as of late…  Not that it needs to be stated, but I am a little stubborn and pig-headed… Continue reading

Do More of What Makes You Happy :)

That being said: Ok, time to get serious! With my half marathon only 8 weeks away, I decided it was time to start taking my training seriously. I want to improve my time,… Continue reading

Vegetarianism, 4th of July and Kettlebells… Oh My!

As promised, not such a long interlude between posts this time… Been super busy and super lazy at the same time… How does that happen?! Takes a lot of practice and skills, I must tell… Continue reading

Volunteering, Racing and Basically Changing my Whole LIFE :)

I know, I know, I know! I’m terrible about posting. There is a fine line between daily posts, which I don’t think I’m ready for, nor do I have the content or following… Continue reading

Who’s a Slacker?

That would be me… I’ve had every intention of posting a new blog… for about the last three weeks. Since the Elizabeth 8k, a lot has happened. I’ll be brief… Maybe. The next… Continue reading

Oh, to dream

I had a dream about halfway into my training. Several friends and I had signed up to run a half/full/ultra. I was registered to run the half with 3 friends, my mom was… Continue reading

Photos from Elizabeth 8k

With miss Tiff, once again 🙂 Tech shirt and bib Sweaty shirt I actually wore and bib Beacham Charlotte Athletic Club, One2Tri racing and Elizabeth 8k volunteers. And of course, Elvis.

Photos from Charlotte Racefest half marathon

That watch was teasing me for four months… Yeah. Not gonna lie. Pretty tired My wonderful pacer, Annabet Coach and Boss 🙂 I want to be in ALL the pictures… Official shirt, bib… Continue reading

Photos from Sticks and Bones Trail Run 10k

Pre race preparation. Super nervous= super prepared 🙂 Tiffany, my awesome running buddy for my first ever race Post run muddy legs. Shirt and bib. I’m pretty proud :):):) Tiffany, Coach Nicole, Nicole’s… Continue reading